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  For those who wish to travel and unravel the mysteries of the Yala Wildlife Sanctuary, we provide Safari Jeeps together with tours on request. Capture the essence of safari living, meet face to face the leopard, the elephant and many varieties of birds, and explore the uniqueness of Sri Lanka's bio diversity with us.  
  Yala Safari Programmes  
  We have designed several packages to mainly give you n idea of safari programmes possible in and around Yala. Please read through our half day safari programme given below and we will be happy to book you on if you like it.  
  Half Day Safari of Yala Wildlife Park  
  The Half Day Safari at Yala National Park commences either early morning or in the afternoon depending on the time available to you with the rest of your travel itinerary. The tour usually is around 3 to 4 hours and can take even longer if you have been lucky enough to see animal activity to spend more time in the park.

The morning sessions start early morning and can take you till lunch. Leave at 5:30AM being the best time to get to the park to be in time to catch the early morning activities of the various animals. Animals and birds come in scores for water to the tanks and water holes which make these hours of dawn the best time to see many species gathered in one place… Yala wildlife sanctuary.
  Full Day Safari of Yala Wildlife Park  
  Deep jungle safari - off the beaten track - lunch by the river The Full Day Safari at Yala National Park commences early morning as usual being the best time to capture the morning activities of animals.

The safari will continue through the day and will stop for lunch at a picnic location where you can relax by the beach or a river for a hour or two. You may even retire to a siesta jungle style reclining on a branch of a tree in the shade on the cool banks of a river with the breeze and sound of flowing water with animal calls in the backdrop. Wake up to a chilled beverage and a dip in the river to chill out if you wish before hitting the trails again around 3 or 4 PM… The evening run can take you deeper into the jungle off the beaten tracks in pursuit of some of the rarer animals such as the elusive leopard and bear.
  Full Day Bird Watching Safari at Yala Wildlife Park  

Bird watching all day - saltpans - lagoons - marshes - forest - beach

A bird-watching focused day trip may yield over 100 species, among them such rarities as RED-FACED MALKOHA, GREAT THICK-KNEE, SIRKEER MALKOHA, BLUE FACED MALKOHA & PAINTED STORK. Along with birds of prey is HAWK EAGLE. Among the colorful smaller species are GREEN & BLUE BEE EATERS, HOOPOES, PARAKEETS and BULBULS. You will not miss PEACOCK. The expanses of wetlands attract SERPENT - EAGLE, EASTERN GREY HERON, PAINTED STORK. WHITE-FOWL arrive each winter to augment the resident population. Among the common aquatic birds are various STORKS, EGRETS, PELICANS, SANDPIPERS, HERONS, IBISES, KINGFISHERS & the magnificent INDIAN DARTER. With a little bit of luck, you may also spot the rare BLACK-NECKED STORK near Buttawa on the coast.

  Half Day Situlpahuwa Monastic Settlement Tour  
  Trekking - Elephants in the evening - Ancient monastic settlement

Located right in the Ruhuna Yala National Park is an ancient archaeological site popularly known as Sithulpahuwa. The second century monastery consists of renovated majestic dagobas, rock carvings & more than 60 inscriptions that stand as testimony to the history of the site.

The Yala region was once a part of the ancient Southern Kingdom. The monastic settlement at Situlpahuwa had housed about 12,000 inhabitants including thousands of Buddhist monks during the era of the ancient kingdom of Ruhuna. The recently resorted Situlpahuwa is an important centre of pilgrimage en route to nearby Kataragama. Restored Magul Mahavihara (temple) & Akasa Chetiya (shrine) date to the first & second centuries BC testify to a part of the ancient kingdom of Ruhuna. Magul Maha Vihara was built on the spot where King Kavantissa & Vihara Maha Devi wedded.
  Overnight Safari Camp at Bundala  
  Camping outdoors by the beach - dine - turtle watching - star gazing

Bundala National Park is a short distance westwards from Yala and we have an option for an interesting overnight camp out that starts with an evening safari and end with an early morning Safari before returning to the hotel. Camp options are by the lagoon or the beach and fully equipped for a comfortable overnight stay, giving an entirely new experience of the great outdoors. ... The general atmosphere is one of tranquillity and relaxation under the star studded skies on a secluded beach beside a cosy camp fire. You will be attended and assisted with the chauffer and a couple of assistants who will cook and clean up after you. … This option is usually for a couple, but accommodation is available for groups of 8 Pax or even more.

Note: When considering this option, plase keep in mind that you are saving one night on you hotel accommodation cost and as such the nett effect of his option is less than the price indicated here.
  Night Safari in Yala Buffer Zone  
  This will take you along the buffer zone outside the park perimeter and there is no entrance fee involved. You can be picked up after dark from your hotel and scout around the area along jungle trails in the vicinity of Yala, where animals are known to roam outside the park as the boundaries of the Park are no barrier to the free roaming animals. The Ideal time would be to leave the hotel right after dinner around 7 PM and return around 10 in the night. Elephant, Bear and Leopard are know to roam around in the dark along with most other animals of prey and the night safari is a unique perspective to a wild life safari.  
  Multi Day Agenda  
  With the options of Half Day and Full Day Safari programmes you can arrange for multiple sessions based on a programme to explore the various parts of the park, where time is given for each aspect of wildlife that Yala offers.  
  Specialized Wildlife Tours  
  For the more seasoned traveller with specific interests, we provide customized packages on par with their requirements. Some packages currently on offer are,

• Leopard trail
• Bird Watching
• Bear Trails (Seasonal)
Please discuss your requirements with our tour executives for your own customized package.
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