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  Many species of birds such as Grebes, Cormorants, Herons, Storks, Ducks, Raptors, Waders, Parrots, King Fishers, Rollers, Hoopoes, Horn Bills etc. are common sightings at The Yala Village. Grey Langur, live and play on the tree-tops and the ground below. Spotted deer are seen throughout the village. Wild buffalo & wild boar could give you a good surprise and a great picture. Tuskers and elephants are frequent visitors for sure.

You can observe them from your own chalets or from the Observation Deck. Thatís not all! If you are lucky, you will also see the majestic and illusive leopard resting on the rocky outcrop or near the water hole, generally towards the evenings or early mornings.

If you are a Bird Watcher, you can visit Bundala - One of Sri Lanka's magnificent bird sanctuaries. Herons, storks & allies, ducks, grebes, cormorants, waders and gulls are abundant at Bundala.

If you are interested in the local Culture & History, take a drive down to Kataragama, the abode of God Skandha, the Warrior Deity. The main event at Kataragama is the perahera or the pageant held for two weeks in July/August every year culminating with an awe inspiring 'fire walking' ceremony. Fire walking to propitiate the deities is considered a sacred duty by the devout followers. You may also opt to visit the old Buddhist monasteries of Situlpauwa and Nimalawa.
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